Science is a way of looking at the world.

The SymmetryScience method is a science curriculum that recognizes the structure of scientific knowledge and coordinates this knowledge with the way the brain perceives the world. SymmetryScience relies heavily on the central role played by patterns and pattern recognition in teaching science and developing a literacy of science. Learning and using the scientific method as a fundamental habit-of-mind is a central goal of the SymmetryScience curriculum. The scientific method is best learned in stages as a child grows and develops both neurologically and educationally. The SymmetryScience curriculum stages this learning path through the Progression of Inquiry. The SymmetryScience curriculum spirals, in that the content and process taught in the early years are constantly practiced and reemphasized in later years. To unify and provide consistency in the learning stages, SymmetryScience uses a common language to express what is observed, described, hypothesized, and tested. We call this language The Language of Patterns.

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