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This web page and all of its contents are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America by Symmetry Research, Inc. All rights to its use and distribution are hereby reserved. Copyright 1999-2013.

It is also tempting to presume that anything that can be downloaded is in the public domain and it is not stealing or piracy to just take it. That is not true. All of the materials available here, both intellectually and by property rights, belong to their creators. Human creativity is freely graced but it has value and for it to remain freely available that value must be respected.

Symmetry Learning Systems is committed to making our products available at affordable prices that allow everyone to benefit from them. But in order to maintain the infrastructure (including heat and food) necessary to do this we ask that everyone else refrain from stealing and piracy. Copy protections at this point are minimum on documents and they can be hacked. One might argue that stealing will make these scientific practices more widely available. The inconsistency is that science is about honest discourse and stealing and piracy is about being dishonest and taking things that aren't yours so it is anti-science. So please, don't steal. It is just bad form.

Copyright and piracy statement
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