The Language of Patterns

Science is a way of looking at the world.


The Language of Patterns describes any observation, model, or experiment using several simple terms:

  Systems or Structures - the things themselves.

  Elements - parts that make up things.

  Rules - how the parts of things are arranged.

  Background - the space where the parts are.

  Properties - the characteristics of the system.

  Change - how systems become different over time.


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The Language of Patterns can be used to describe any pattern, or any object, or any group of objects. The basic questions asked by the Language of Patterns are:

  What are the properties of the system?

  Who and what?

  How and where?

  Where is it going?

This is the Language of Patterns. It is the language of science.


 Scientific inquiry is a great way to systematically learn about the world. A special language makes thinking systematically easy. This systems language can be used in each step of scientific inquiry to say what is observed, described, modeled, and tested. This approach is called "The Language of Patterns". 

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