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Everything you need to teach science at home will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

it’s not just teaching science –
it’s using science to teach.

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Each Discovery Center is accompanied by engaging and fun scientific experiments, with items commonly found in a typical household, demonstrating key science concepts with everyday materials, while visibly bringing experiments to life and demystifying the fundamentals of science education.

The program includes Educator’s Guides, that contain detailed lesson plans and educator content, Student Science Journals, which are laboratory manuals and notebooks, and provision of all materials needed to conduct the experimental explorations.


why you need SymmetryLearningSystems

SLS science is not just another science toy kit that is a “one and done” experiment, rather our curriculum teaches systems thinking and science through exploration and discovery. Each lesson is accompanied by engaging and fun scientific experiments. The foundation of our curriculum is built on structured discovery, scientific inquiry, systems and patterns, and storytelling.


who we are

Our aim is to give students an extraordinary science learning experience by helping them build confidence through hands on experience and applied learning. Your child will learn to observe, think, try, and ask questions.


so how much is it?

The Entry Level Discovery Center is priced at $495.00 and the combined Entry Level + Level One Discovery Center is $995.00.


meet mary & marty

mary & marty will lead your family through the program, sharing insights, providing guidance, and eventually becoming real-world pen pals with your child. they make science fun!

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