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Let’s Learn With Science Curriculum

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Ages 12+

Segments Curriculum

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is SLS right for you?

SLS combines the best of both worlds offering a comprehensive systems learning science curriculum with exciting hands-on experiments. Through interactive and exciting science experiments, our curriculum teaches systems thinking, a foundational learning system for your child to take their first step into the world of science.

Our science curriculum is designed to be flexible, allowing you to adapt it to your own schedule. Whether you’re a busy parent or you have a student with a packed agenda, our curriculum can be tailored to fit your needs. You can learn at your own pace, making it convenient and accessible for everyone, no matter how hectic life gets. Science education should be adaptable, and we’ve got you covered!

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the SLS story…

Founder, Dr. Peter Bergethon, is a distinguished neurologist, accomplished scientist, and respected professor. During the same period when he was actively engaged in teaching a graduate program, he recognized a critical need for science education at the elementary level, particularly as his own daughter’s teachers faced challenges in this area.

It was at this juncture that Dr. Bergethon had a pivotal revelation. He saw an opportunity to impart foundational scientific knowledge to elementary school children, sharing the fundamental principles he wished many of his graduate students had possessed. SymmetryLearningSystems aims to equip the next generation with a solid understanding of science could alleviate the struggles and frustrations often associated with science learning, he resolved to take action.

With a deep commitment to nurturing future science enthusiasts, Dr. Bergethon embarked on the journey of establishing SLS. He set out to craft a comprehensive curriculum that would empower young minds to approach science with curiosity and skepticism.

Dr. Bergethon brought together a dedicated team including educators, neuroscientists, and business leaders to help shape the future of SLS. Together, they laid the foundation for an organization dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of science enthusiasts.

what sets us apart

Our approach goes beyond conventional standards – we don’t just teach science; we use it as a tool for teaching. Recognizing that not all homeschool science curriculums are the same, we offer more than a mere subscription box. Our Discovery Center boxes are all-inclusive boxes that provide everything you will need to foster skills through enjoyable and interactive experiments, making science engaging and comprehensible for your homeschooler. We are committed to bringing experiments to life and simplifying the science-teaching process.

With a focus on discovery and exploration, our curriculum promotes systems thinking and a deep understanding of science. Ordering is simple, and our delivery ensures everything you need is conveniently included. Explore, learn, and grow with SLS.

what you get

Our Discovery Center boxes are a one-stop shop that includes everything your child will need to complete the fun and engaging scientific activities. These items and activities demonstrate key scientific concepts with everyday materials, bringing experiments to life and demystifying science!

The box contains Educator’s Guides (detailed lesson plans and educator content), Student Science Journals (laboratory manuals and notebooks), and all the materials needed to conduct the explorations.

why we care

Our aim is to give students an extraordinary homeschool or supplemental science learning experience by helping them build confidence through hands-on experiments and applied learning. Your child will learn to observe carefully, think independently, try new things, and ask questions.

meet mary & marty

mary & marty will lead your family through the program, sharing insights, providing guidance, and eventually becoming real-world pen pals with your child. they make science fun!

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