about us

We understand that every child is unique with their own interests, strengths, and abilities, and that is why we have created a flexible program that can be adapted to serve the individual needs of every child.

who we are

SymmetryLearningSystems is a comprehensive early learning to middle school science curriculum developed by experienced scientists using research-based teaching to coordinate learning with ongoing brain development.

SymmetryLearningSystems takes advantage of how and where the brain processes information, creates models, problem solves, and learns. It is a unique educational approach that provides an essential and pivotal foundation for organizing and facilitating learning.

what we do

We create tools based on well-established, brain-based foundational approaches to provide all students with the tools for effective and successful life-long learning. This extends from the earliest stages of development through adult education.

Beginning with the early learner Let’s Learn With Science Curriculum and extending through middle school Segments Curriculum, the integrated curriculum provides a framework for assessing and organizing thinking in a structured fashion, thus enabling everyone (including those with learning disabilities) to evaluate, organize, and understand knowledge across the educational spectrum.

We also train concerned parents and professionals in the principles of systems science, advancing the effectiveness of teaching with durability and transferability of learning.

our mission

Our mission is to counter the dilution and “dumbing down” of the science curricula and the progressive decline of science competency in the United States. We want to empower individuals by teaching students from their earliest stages of development through adolescence to be successful life-long learners and creators.

SymmetryLearningSystems will enable students to evaluate, organize, and understand concepts, content, and processes that span the educational spectrum. This program will train families and learners, enabling parents and professionals to apply the principles of systems science, thus advancing the effectiveness of teaching their children.

what we teach