Safety Information

Our goal is to provide you with tools and step-by-step instructions to make your teaching experience as “turn-key” as possible.

•The Discovery Center materials included with your curriculum purchase are instructional support materials.

•These Discovery Center materials are used throughout their individual programs and across curricula. Therefore, the materials should be stored in the dedicated Discovery Center Box and reserved for teaching purposes only.

•These materials have been carefully selected to ensure your teaching success. Successful teaching leads to successful learning. The curriculum will guide your student(s) to learn that “science is a way of looking at the world”.

The experiments, learning activities, and instructional support materials provided in your purchase have all been designed with SAFETY as the first concern.

•The curriculum activities are intended to be done with the materials specifically supplied or recommended by the SymmetryLearningSystems LLWS Curriculum.

•Each activity must be done as directed.

•Each activity must always be done under adult supervision.

All the Discovery Center materials are common household or natural items and are clearly marked.

•This is an intentional part of what you are teaching.

•Safety dictates that common materials must be used properly. Unless specifically directed, they must never be eaten, inhaled, or applied to the skin.

•Specific safety labeling on any item must be read and followed.

To provide maximum safety during instruction, carefully adhere to the following:

•Learning is fun, but the curriculum’s structured discovery does not play.

•The instructional materials should only be used when a child is deemed by the instructor to be ready to use, handle, and manipulate the materials safely.

•Children under three years of age should not be allowed access to the Discovery Center materials.

•Spilled, used, or contaminated materials should be cleaned up and disposed of promptly and properly.

•If an accident should occur, follow the directions on the labels and contact your physician or seek other appropriate medical aid immediately.

•Always take proper care of your instructional materials. Immediately discard and replace any item that becomes worn, cracked, or broken.

•Provide instruction in an uncluttered teaching space. Protect the teaching space from spills when instructed.

•Use the safety goggles provided in the Discovery Center for the child and the parent when instructed.