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  • Where do I start?

    Every student begins with Entry Level. It serves as the starting point for your child’s journey of scientific inquiry regardless of the child’s age. A child as young as 5 can easily begin this Entry Level program; it’s also a starting point to achieve science literacy for older elementary-age children, who may proceed through the curriculum more quickly. Entry Level is the foundation for the entire SymmetryScience curriculum.

  • We completed Entry Level. What do we do next?

    You can move to the Level One curriculum. Mary and Marty become pen pals and learn about the pen pal relationship between Ben Franklin and Polly Stevenson.

  • Do I need extensive science knowledge to teach my child this curriculum?

    Prior knowledge and expertise are not needed to be successful. You will learn about Systems, Models, the Progression of Inquiry and the Language of Patterns as you work through the lessons with your child.

  • Can I use SLS in addition to my current science curriculum?

    Yes, SLS can be an exciting addition to any current science your homeschooler in studying.

  • I have more than one child who will be participating in SymmetryScience, do I need to purchase more than one box?

    Please contact us at [email protected] to get a custom quote of any additional materials you will need.

  • Does SymmetryScience have a program for my older child between the ages of 12-14?

    YES! We have our Segments curriculum that starts at Level 4 and goes to Level 8.

  • Are the SymmetryLearning materials safe for my child?

    The experiments, learning activities, and the instructional support materials provided in the Discovery Center have all been designed with Safety as the first concern. The materials have been tested to assure that the desired learning objectives are achieved. All the Discovery Center materials are common household or natural items and are clearly marked. When used as directed they are safe to use. All materials are compliant with US Consumer Product Safety standards.

  • Can my children work on the materials and experiments
    in the Discovery Center on their own?

    The Discovery Center materials have been carefully selected to ensure your teaching success. The experiments, learning activities, and the instructional support materials provided in your purchase have all been designed with SAFETY as the first concern. Each activity must be always done under adult supervision.

  • Do I need anything other than what is in the Discovery
    Center to do the curriculum?

    In general, everything you will need to execute the curriculum is provided in the Discovery Center. Occasionally, an Activity may require the user to purchase a small perishable item (such as celery).

  • What is Systems Thinking?

  • What is your return policy?

    The Discovery Centers can be returned unused within 90 days of purchase. You do not have to pay for the return postage if you receive a damaged kit.

  • How can I cancel or change my order?

    You may contact Customer Service by email at [email protected]

  • How long should each lesson/activity take at Entry Level?

    One activity typically lasts 2 to 3 weeks. In general, a single teaching session is expected to take 30 minutes and activities are usually completed in 4-5 sessions. The interest and capacity of the student will the guide the actual time spent.

  • How long should each lesson/activity take in Level 1?

    One teaching session is expected to take 30-45 minutes. Typically each activity will be completed in 2-3 teaching sessions. Planning one activity per week is a reasonable rule of thumb. The interest and capacity of the student will guide the actual time spent.

  • Can I purchase SymmetryScience for my classroom?

    Yes. The program can be adapted easily to the classroom or a group of students. In general, if purchasing for a classroom or group, the materials in a Discovery Center will be adequate for three students; however, each student will need their own SLS student science journal. To optimize the benefit of the learning experience for groups greater than three, some additional Discovery Center items would be recommended. We recommend contacting us to help you customize the curriculum to your specific classroom. In addition, certain consumable materials may be purchased for the year-on-year use of the curriculum.

  • Can I buy only Entry Level or only Level One?

    You can purchase either the Entry Level Curriculum and Discovery Center, or the Combined Entry Level + Level One Curriculum and Discovery Center. Every child beginning the SymmetryScience curriculum must start at the Entry Level, as the program builds on the sequential acquisition of knowledge embedded in the program. As many of the materials from the Entry Level are also used in Level One, purchase of the Combined Unit is more cost effective. If only the Entry Level curriculum is purchased initially, a Level One Completion Curriculum can be purchased later.

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