Combined Entry Level and Level 1

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90 teaching sessions
Your child will take their first step into the world of science with our Entry Level curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of science to learn about properties, patterns, grouping and sorting, and magnetism.

Next, in Level One your child will build on that learning and enter into the world of Mary & Marty as they become pen pals. Level One enhances, expands, and reinforces your child’s science learning experience from Entry Level. “Marty’s Miraculous Monday” is a story that builds the ideas and vocabulary that are the core of critical thinking.

From there, your child will explore the human senses, physical properties of things, plants and animals, and rocks and soil in Level One.

**Combo Discovery Center is 1-2 years of curriculum can be done at your own pace depending upon age

Comprehensive Curriculum
Easy for Parents, Engaging for Kids
Flexible Learning Schedule
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