stories of science

story telling

Learning in the context of storytelling is far more effective than just reading lists or facts. A story binds these facts into a theme, whether it be verbal or visual. A story takes advantage of our brain’s capacity for linking events together and facilitates learning, internal model making, and understanding.

At the heart of the SymmetryLearning early learner curriculum, “Let’s Learn With Science”, is the story of Mary & Marty. Your child will share the encounters and exchanges between two young children as they all explore the world together. As your child advances to the Segments Curriculum, they will begin every topic with a story highlighting the drama of scientific discovery and innovation.

mary & marty

Marty meets Mary on their school bus. Through everyday exchanges and conversations, Mary guides Marty through a world of discovery in the Entry Level curriculum, helping him see for the first time, patterns and connections in nature and the world.

In the Entry Level curriculum, Mary and Marty learn systems analysis to explore their world together. At the close of Entry Level, Mary’s family moves to a new town, and Mary and Marty become pen-pals in the Level One curriculum. They learn to describe the world they are exploring through written communication. The Marty and Mary story enables children to relate directly to characters who are taking the same journey as your child.

stories of scientists

As your child grows, they will move to the Segments curriculum (which follows the Let’s Learn With Science curriculum). Here they will perform many of the same explorations undertaken by the master scientists themselves. Some familiar names include Galileo, Faraday, Newton, and Pasteur. Every Segment is built around embedded stories dramatizing the personalities and the experiences that led to the range of scientific discovery that comprises the tradition of modern science.